Awards of Outstanding International Importance to Statesmen and Heroines

Pre-WWI and WWI medals to Wm. Frank RATTIGAN, British diplomat whose sexual indiscretions as Ambassador to Rumania (with the Princess) led to the premature end to an otherwise promising career. Author of Diversions of a Diplomat (incl.). His son Terrence was the major playwrite whose hits included The Winslow Boy.

Important Soviet military & political I.D. booklets (incl. extremely rare WWII Front Commander I.D.), etc., to Marshall Andrei YEREMENKO, whose key services in defeat of Hitler in WWII included holding and counterattacking the Nazis in the vicinity of Stalingrad (with Khrushchev as his Political Officer); said to have invented systematic military use of the Molotov Cocktail (in anti-tank role). He was Khrushchev's main ally in the post-WWII Soviet army, and wrote numerous books (incl.) about the Soviet war effort.

...and Heroines

from east of the Rhine

Award documents (mostly from Alexander II) giving major Czarist Russian (incl. Polish) orders, such as the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky, to Prince Hermann PUCKLER-MUSKAU, an influential Romantic literary and cultural figure (friend of Heine, etc.) famous for landscaping innovation, for defiance of traditional mores, eg. vs. divorce and adultery, (see recent book Contemplating Adultery) and for his hit book about travel in Britain, Tour of a German Prince, which was touted by the likes of Goethe (first published 1832, reprinted often thereafter under various titles). Incl. are these books, and biogs. of Puckler

British WWI valor etc. medals and presentation cigarette case, to Ltc. G.E . HAWES, whose post-war social life included his hosting of Churchill and Woodrow Wilson, and whose scandalous sexual behavior ruined his daughter-in-law's courtship with Prince of Wales Edward VIII . George VI's veto of this romance was not forgiven by Edward, who later got revenge by marrying Wallis Simpson. Hawes and his wife, "the Red Duchess" (of Sutherland) entertained the top figures of the day, eg. Clemenceau & Churchill, at their apartment in Paris. His dalliances led the Duchess to divorce him, but she still cared enough for him to introduce his book of letters (to and from a comrade) Elegant Extracts (incl.).

All three of the British war medals awarded to Sir William Howard RUSSELL, 19th century reporter, one of the major names in the history of human communication. His fame began with his expose of the British equivalent of Watergate, the breakdown of the medical supply system which led to thousands of unnecessary deaths from cholera in the Crimean War; Russell's stories in the London Times led to the fall of the British Prime Minister, and to the career in the Crimea of Florence Nightengale. For this he would be thereafter known as the first and greatest war correspondent, but actually he was the first regular foreign correspondent of any sort. Before the U.S. Civil war he was given the Times' U.S. beat, and Lincoln began their meeting together by quipping that the Times was the greatest power on earth, save possibly the Mississippi. He was a leading, if not lone, opponent of colonialism in Victorian times. Subject of numerous biographies (incl.); portrayed in movie Charge of the Light Brigade

from west of the Rhine

Awards of Outstanding International Importance

British medals of Sir Edward HENRY, widely considered the most important 20th Century Commissioner of Scotland Yard. His method of fingerprint classification is still the basis of modern law enforcement methods around most of the world. Incl are books by and about Henry & fingerprinting. Statesmen...

Marshall Andrei Yeremenko

Prince Puckler

W.H. Russell

A. Viktor von Koerber

Ltc. G.E. Hawes

W.F. Rattigan


Various European awards, 1914-1964, (none Nazi) to Rittmeister Adolf Victor von KOERBER, who trained Turkish pilots, and wrote books on such subjects as the air war in WWI (some incl.), then joined the Nazi Party and edited a book of Hitler's speeches.   Before Hitler came to power, Koerber turned against Nazism, towards National Liberalism, and was in the army's anti-Hitler conspiracy from its beginning in 1938. After the failed 1944 attempt to assassinate Hitler, Koerber was sent to a concentration camp, where his scheduled execution happened never to be carried out. After liberation he resumed his journalistic efforts, particularly on behalf of European unity, in various Western countries.

Italy, Order of the Crown, 3rd Class, gold and enamel, awarded (w/ two 1940 documents, one rolled into impressive presentation tube) to Portuguese Admiral (later President) Americo TOMAS, who was overthrown in a Leftist coup in 1974, but who was well-enough regarded that, years later, he was let back into the country to retire in comfort.

President Americo Tomas

Ottoman Turkish Gold & silver Imtiaz Medals, (in special velvet presentation case from Sultan Abdul Hamid) dated 1896, awarded to British journalist Sidney WHITMAN, who wrote for the New York Herald, and whose career stemmed from his friendship with Bismarck's son, leading to audiences with the retired Iron Chancellor, resulting in many books & articles (some incl.) about Germany, Bismarck, and Eastern Europe . Whitman's coverage of the clashes between the Turks and the Armenians was deemed unusually fair (for a Western reporter) by the Sultan, as described in Whitman's book Turkish Memories

(World-Class Awards to Statesmen and Heroines)




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Three British presentation keys, and a gold medal, to Viscount Sir John SIMON, who, during the most dramatic years of the 20th Century (spanning the World Wars) held virtually every major U.K. cabinet position save for Prime Minister; his career culminated in him becoming Lord High Chancellor in Churchill's WWII government. (He was thus responsible for the efficient functioning and independence of the courts, and was thus also the presiding officer of the House of Lords, and the head of the judiciary in England and Wales.)


US WWII WASP service certificate to 1st winner of Amelia Earhart Scholarship

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The JFK and staffers convention badges etc. Archive, consisting of:
I.D. Badges to JFK and his Secretary Evelyn LINCOLN;
Mass. Labor Federation badge (major speech) 1956; and         
objects sent to 1960 Democratic Nomination campaign aide Bob TROUTMAN

Award Documents to important 19th century European diplomats:
French ambassador to Berlin, Admiral Count Charles Henri Ver HUELL (shown at left)
Austrian Foreign Minister, Count Gustav KALNOCKY (right)
Saxon Foreign Minister, Georg von METSCH

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40 page booklet,
published 1942.

Order of Civil Merit of Spain, 3rd class, and award diploma dated 1969, to Temple FIELDING, book author who started the modern American travel guides, after having worked in the OSS in WWII.  His guides emphasized ways for travelers to avoid trouble in unfamiliar settings.  He and his wife lived on the Spanish Island of Majorca for over 30 years.

Mounted group of six:  British General Service ("Malaya" clasp), and WWII etc. medals to LtC. Arthur James BARKER, whose career was highlighted by a successful kidnapping of a Nazi spy in Spain in 1942, and who wrote over two dozen military history books.  Among his books which are included in the lot are:
The Civilising Mission, Rape of Ethiopia 1936, Pearl Harbor; Midway: The Turning Point; Suicide Weapon, Yamashita, Waffen-SS at War, Panzers at War (Illustrated), Okinawa, Six Day War, Arab-Israeli Wars, The Yom Kippur War, and Bloody Ulster.
Also incl. are WWII photos of Barker with other British soldiers, w/ his inscriptions on reverses.

Letter of Credence for the U.S. Minister to the (Hapsburg) Austrian Empire, 1858, issued to John Glancy JONES, who served in that post until 1861.  Previously he had been chairman of the important Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing a district in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.
Available online is the e-book The Life and Public Services of J. Glancy Jones, by Charles Henry Jones, at

British Military General Service medal, without suspension, presented to Sardinian King VICTOR EMMANUEL in 1855, for his country's participation in the Crimean War on the side of Britain.  Under his rule, Sardinia led Italy into her first unification since the Roman Empire. 

Lifesaving and other awards from Japan, NYC, and various other countries, juristictions, and organizations, to reporter and aviator Raymond Alan MUNRO, CM, who flew Spitfires in WWII, and who broke major crime stories for Canadian newspapers.
He was the first Managing Director of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame.  At left he is shown with Marilyn Monroe, who hired him as her private pilot.
His 1955 role in uncovering a Vancouver police scandal was depicted in the play The Great Raymond.

Army Commendation Medal w/ (2nd award) bronze oak leaf cluster, to Taro YOSHIHASHI, the U.S. Army's top counterespionage expert and translator of Japanese, who thus served at MacArthur's HQ in WWII. In the Cold War he served with the FBI in its deception of the Soviets about the U.S. Nerve Gas program, also working with the CIA (e.g. James Angleton); regarding this he was a key consultant for D. Wise's book Cassidy's Run, about this Nerve Gas deception scheme.


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High objects of State (letters patent from Queen Victoria, each w/ Great Seal):
Author of Balfour Declaration - 1898 diplomatic credentials, for talks with Germany
Chancellor of the Exchequer letters patent of Gladstone, 1873 

The (Swedish General) Viktor Balck Olympic Games- Founding Archive
Swedish gold and bronze medals honoring Viktor Balck | Viktor Balck 1912 Stockholm Olympics book Tower and Sword collar of Viktor Balck

Civil War Gillmore Medal to Jewish officer who helped 1863 "Glory" charge toward Ft. Wagner 1863                                                                        
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Presentation keys, gold medal to major U.K. statesman  Award Documents to important 19th century European diplomats

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  Award Diplomas to great Jewess opera singer
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Presentation trowel etc. to president of "philanthropic" society for troubled girls

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