Prime Minister Willam
Letters Patent
 him Chancellor of the Exchequer. He
 is seen as one of Britain's greatest Prime Ministers and politicians.

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Awards of Outstanding International Importance

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to whom he was devoted; she was captured by Germans in 1914 while serving as a nurse in Belgium

WWI medals awarded to

Winston Churchill's sister-in law

Awards of Outstanding International Importance

and Heroines (incl. commentary)

to Statesmen

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Awards of Outstanding International Importance to Statesmen and Heroines

(World-Class Awards to Statesmen and Heroines)

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Historical Commentary (about Statesmen)

Prime Minister Willam GLADSTONE's Letters Patent appointing him Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1873
Diplomatic credentials (incl. Great Seal of Queen Victoria) presented to author of BALFOUR Declaration
Commemorative objects about the Reichstag Fire Trial, etc., presented to early leader of int'l anti-Hitler movement

The D.N. PRITT Reichstag Fire (1933) Counter-Trial Panel Archive

Honorary Citizenship and Doctor of Law Degrees, presented to early leader of int'l anti-Hitler movement
German (mostly WWI) and other awards, presented to plotter vs. Hitler who survived Sachsenhausen incarceration
Biographical info on major participant in 1st anti-Hitler Plot, who had been a key aide before Nazis got power
The Baron Viktor von KOERBER Anti-Hitler Plot, WWI Aviation Archive
Miscellaneous awards presented to presented to early leader of int'l anti-Hitler movement
Spectacular N.Y.C. Women's Club Federation gold "Medal of Honor" (1st of only eight) given to British WWI nurse - heroine to Serbs

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Awards of Outstanding International Importance to Statesmen and Heroines

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Obverse of: gold N.Y.C. Women's Club Federation Medal of Honor, 1st of only eight ever awarded, to Lady Leila PAGET (right).

Ever since Pritt's Findings on the Reichstag Fire electrified the Western World, controversy has raged among scholars, regarding his conclusion about a Nazi plot to manufacture the Fire as an excuse to destroy civil liberties in Germany. The politicization of this controversy is becoming a vivid microcosm of the increased polarization in the US and elsewhere; the Left generally sees him as a hero maligned by the Righty Noise Machine, the Right sees him as at best a Red dupe.

The first Zionist flag, introduced at the
2nd Zionist Congress, August 1898, just
when BALFOUR received his Letter of Credence to negotiate with Germany.
(Flag just a depiction, not available for sale in lot.)

Seal of State of (W.) Germany, as
impressed into diploma awarding
the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit to V. von KOERBER

Queen Victoria's Great Seal, authenticating
 BALFOUR's Letter of Credence

Tape and transcript of proceedings
of 1933 Reichstag Fire trial

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The JFK and staffers convention badges etc. Archive:

I.D. Badges and membership etc. cards issued to JFK (dictaphone, smallpox etc.) and his secretary

Badge presented to JFK by the Mass. Labor Federation (for giving a speech at their 1956 Convention)

1960 Democratic Nomination campaign: Convention badge and documents/ letters to aide Bob TROUTMAN

Presentation keys, gold medal to Viscount John SIMON, major lawyer who was in U.K. cabinet starting both World Wars

Award Documents to important 19th century European diplomats: Austrian and Saxon Foreign Ministers, French ambassador to Berlin

JFK in Oval Office, using dictaphone

Viscount John SIMON as
Lord Chancellor, 1945


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Posthumous silver "Victoria Cross" of Emily Wilding DAVISON, suffragette protestor whose death on the racetrack of the 1913 Derby  (shown at right) was one of the most famous events of pre-WWI Britain.

KENNEDY giving Presidential 
Nomination Acceptance speech

Presentation trowel etc. to president of "philanthropic" society for troubled girls

Presentation trowel to President of Girls Friendly Society
Nikita Khrushchev with Soviet Marshal EREMENKO,
some of whose I.D. booklets are available from us.

Prices available
upon request

Debate over Reichstag Fire blame

The D.N. Pritt Reichstag Fire (1933) Counter-Trial Panel Archive : lawyer who helped start international movement vs. Hitler

"Universitas Litterarum Serdicensis", Honorary Doctorate of Law, U. of Sofia, 12 October 1960: Illuminated vellum scroll, text in Cyrillic and Latin, in tube; with photos of presentation.
(Reichstag Fire trial hero Dimitrov was Bulgarian Prime Minister, 1946-1949.)

Reichstag Fire Commission of Inquiry in London, 14 September 1933:  Chairman D.N. PRITT is in the middle.


Silver Nobel Literature Prize medal , same size as regular awarded medals (66 mm. diameter); "a few were struck c. 1902, in silver, silver gilt and bronze for museums and collectors".

Gold relief image of Nobel Prize medal obverse, for impression onto front interior of a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine diploma, on leather.

Civil War Gillmore Medal to Jewish officer who helped blacks' 1863 "Glory" charge upon Ft. Wagner

Capt. Alfred MORDECAI, Jr., Jewish officer whose work in ordinance aided 1863 charges (incl. blacks'  
famous "Glory" charge) upon Ft. Wagner,
and entitled him to be a recipient of the Gillmore Medal

US WWII WASP service certificate to 1st winner of Amelia Earhart Scholarship

Award Diplomas to great Jewess opera singer who impressed anti-Semite Wagner

By conspicuously refusing to extend her arm in the "Heil Hitler" salute as she stood on the winners’ podium (as was expected of all Aryans, such as the Silver medal winner standing behind her) during the 1936 Olympics swimming Presentation of Medals ceremony, Inge SORENSEN (girl at left) became a symbol of anti-Nazi steadfastness.  Her awards Archive includes her photo and registration document from the 1936 Olympics.

Inge SORENSEN, the "Girl who defied Hitler" at 1936 Olympics: biography
Inge SORENSEN Archive: items
The (Swedish General) Viktor BALCK Olympic Games-Founding Archive

Gold and bronze medals struck to honor the key aide of Olympics founder P. De Coubertin

Olympic Games book presentation edition, to the key aide of Olympics founder P. De Coubertin

Collar of Portugal's Order of the Tower and Sword, awarded to the key Co-founder of the Olympic Games
Gold and bronze medals (these completely unique) presented to General Victor G. BALCK, struck by
the Swedish Mint to honor his 80th birthday
European awards to Sir James CHADWICK, 1935 Nobel Physics Laureate, for discovering neutrons