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High objects of State (letters patent from Queen Victoria, each w/ Great Seal):
Author of Balfour Declaration - 1898 diplomatic credentials, for talks with Germany
Chancellor of the Exchequer letters patent of Gladstone, 1873 

The (Swedish General) Viktor Balck Olympic Games- Founding Archive
Swedish gold and bronze medals honoring Viktor Balck | Viktor Balck 1912 Stockholm Olympics book Tower and Sword collar of Viktor Balck

Civil War Gillmore Medal to Jewish officer who helped 1863 "Glory" charge toward Ft. Wagner 1863                                                                        
Statesmen |Koerber - 1920s friend, then foe of Hitler |The Viktor von Koerber WWI Aviation Archive|
Presentation keys, gold medal to major U.K. statesman  Award Documents to important 19th century European diplomats

The JFK and staffers convention badges etc. ArchiveI.D. Badges to JFK and Secretary Ev Lincoln Mass. Labor Federation badge (major speech)  1960 Democratic Nomination campaign: aide Bob Troutman

Heroines | "Girl who defied Hitler" at 1936 Olympics: biography  Inge Sorensen Archive: items                 First ever (gold NYC) Women's Club Medal of Honor
  Award Diplomas to great Jewess opera singer
The Poignant Mayer family Jewish Heroism for (in WWI) and Flight from (pre-WWII) Germany Archive
Presentation trowel etc. to president of "philanthropic" society for troubled girls

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Historical commentary

FOFOA post features email dialogue with J. Schramek
A 17 January 2012 post by widely-respected gold and finance blogger FOFOA, "The Gold Must Flow", featured a photo and text reference to a gold Nobel Prize medal. This reference was in context of his analysis of emails from J. Schramek about the prospect of gold confiscation, or of punitive taxation upon proceeds from sales of gold, in the event that the gold price explodes to the extent predicted by FOFOA via a proccess he calls Freegold. He writes that "big money loves hard assets with numismatic and rare value", which can be transported "through time and space in a much smaller package than you can with plain bullion." You could travel anywhere with a rare coin (or non-gold medal) "mixed in with the spare change in your pocket", with much less fear of confiscation or robbery than if traveling with (recognizable) bullion.
The post proceeds to argue that punitive taxation upon gold would disrupt the international flow of gold which would be vital to the balance of trade status, and the inflow of real tax receipts, of the US or any government. Thus, he concludes, "I do not know if the USG will try to tax the windfall profit that comes from Freegold. What I do know is that, if they do, it won't last very long."

at the Nobel Foundation, etc.  Stockholm, Sweden

J. Schramek

entrance from Sturgatan 14
into Foundation hall

.. in Foundation building hall

Foundation Meeting Room,  eg. for Nobel Committee

w/ 1961 Medicine Prize Diploma given to G. von Bekesy; apparently the only Diploma possessed by the Foundation

at the (temporary) Nobel Museum

w/ Dr. Anders Barany, displaying model for permanent Nobel Museum, June 2000

at a bookbinding plant in a south suburb, where Nobel Prize Diplomas are made

.. template of contemporary Medical Prize Diploma

in Foundation Office

Awards of Outstanding International Importance to Statesmen and Heroines

   In his acclaimed 2005 book,  The Economy of Prestige,
Professor James F. English, (Chair of the English Dept. at
the U. of Pennsylvania)  acknowledges  (on p. ix)  Jeffrey
"Nobel Jeff" Schramek and (on p. 158) relies on
Schramek's input regarding the history of sales of Nobel
Prize medals.

Dr. English elaborates on Schramek's info on this history in the relevant footnote (found on p. 367);  Dr. English also refers to Awards of Outstanding Intenational Importance in an enigmatic paragraph on pp. 173-74, with corresponding footnote on p. 369.

(World-Class Awards to
 Statesmen and Heroines)

   Aruna Srinivasan on her blog " The Waves ," reacted on Thursday, April 8, 2004, in  "Different strokes," to Mr...Doctor's..story..by agreeing..with J. Schramek's assessment of the Tagore medal situation, concluding:        "There can be no prize tags for such treasures.  Nor is India a rich country to offer such huge sacks of cash for the stolen national treasure.  
    But then, even in plain speak of economic calculations, do you get a fair idea of what we lost?

Or what we failed to preserve?"

"Chennai-based firm to replace stolen Tagore Nobel medallion"   ( The Hindu , 28 Aug. 2004)
"Original free, replica not so- Duplicates of stolen Tagore Nobel medal come with a price tag" (The Telegraph, Calcutta, 10 Dec. 2004)

See entry on J. Schramek's "Award Collection" on pp. 122-23 of the 2003 book    Wild Chicago:  The Companion Guidebook to the Wildly Popular Television Show

Nobel Prize ceremony

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US WWII WASP service certificate to 1st winner of Amelia Earhart Scholarship

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The D.N. Pritt Fighter vs. Fascism Archive

40 page booklet,
published 1942.

"Nobel Foundation to replace Tagore's stolen medal with replica" (OutlookIndia.com, 1 Oct. 2004)
Indian press on J. Schramek's reaction to theft of R. Tagore's Nobel Prize medal

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See Economic Times (India) April 7, 2004 article by Vikram Doctor, "Nobel Price: way over Rs 10 lakh"  extensively quoting J. Schramek and his position, esp. about the appeal of the Nobel Prize, in an analysis of the Indian Government's offer of (a measly) $22,000 for return of the stolen 1913 Nobel Prize medal of Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian national hero.